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Get personalized training from our Tour-Level Faculty at our Golf Schools around the country. Our instructional experiences are designed to provide tailored advice, focused attention, and a blueprint for success, no matter your golfing level.

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Our multi-day schools offer exclusive access and instruction from golf experts like Martin Chuck, Jim Mclean, Sean Foley, and many more. Courses are available for a limited time and have limited spots to ensure the highest quality of instruction. Act fast to secure your spot—book today!


Date Place Instructor

Dec 8 - Dec 10

Sun - Tues

Waldorf Astoria Golf School

Orlando, Florida

Sean Foley, Andrew Rice, Martin Chuck

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"I’ve been to a lot of schools…this is by far the best learning experience"


"It will improve your consistency. I think it’s a good investment"


"I’ve taken away much more doing it here in person than watching it online"


I’ve taken away much more doing it here in person than watching it online.

If you have questions, contact us via or call our events concierge team at 844-927-9815

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